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God At Work

Is God at work in your life today?  The correct answer to the question is “Yes.”

But the reality is that we don’t always see God at work.  We get wrapped up in our To Do lists and appointments and fail to stop and look for God.  I am the worst at this.  I know God is at work all around me but I am not sure I see that activity nearly as readily as I should on a daily basis.

For me, this is part of the Thanksgiving season.  We need to slow down and think about the blessings we have been given.  We need to pause and look.  God is moving all the time – we just need to pay attention.

The results of perceiving God’s movement are hope and gratitude.  When we know that God is at work in our lives, we realize a hope that can only come from knowing God is in control and there is something more to this life than what is on the surface.  When we know God is at work in our lives – the very creator of the universe involved in my life – we are moved to be thankful that God would take an interest in us.  And more than an interest – God genuinely knows each of us and has a plan for each one.

That is something that should give us pause.  Knowing God is at work in me makes me thankful.

What about you?

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Thank a Veteran

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at the local Veteran’s Day service.  Our community has an impressive memorial right on one of the main streets through town, and on Veteran’s Day, folks gather at the memorial for a time of remembrance and thanks.

To be honest, I approached this opportunity as just another thing I had to do on an already over-committed Sunday.  It is not that I dreaded it, but I was not passionately looking for another engagement.

As I got out of the car to walk to the memorial and join the folks who were already gathering there, it didn’t take more than 2 seconds to realize the wind was blowing 30 – 40 miles per hour and the 50 degree temperature felt more like 20.  So my attitude did not improve.

But as I stood before the crowd gathered there, I looked on a multitude of faces.  I looked on the faces of men who stood on ships and served in wartime.  I looked on faces of men who flew planes to defend their country.  I looked on faces of men who marched to protect my way of life.  And I looked on the proud faces of widows whose husbands served faithfully.

And in that moment I realized something.  I really have no clue what this meant to those folks.  I have no context from which to develop a real understanding.  So as I stood at the back of the crowd, after my talk, I watched as one by one, the anthems of each branch of the military was played.  What I saw was men and women, many using canes, stand in honor of their branch.

I was humbled and speechless.  The only words I could muster were “Thank you for your service.”

Tell a vet thanks today!

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What Are You Worth?

What are you worth?

There are any number of ways to answer that question.  The first thing you might think of as you ponder the question is your net worth.  How much money?

Or maybe your accomplishments come to mind.  What have you been able to attain in this life to this point?

One very valid way to look at the question is your worth in the eyes of God.  Regardless of how worthy or unworthy you may feel, you are worth the world to God.  You were worth dying for to God.

Think about that for a second.

You are important to God – you are worth everything.

As we enter into this time of thanksgiving – I have a challenge for you.  Consider your worth to God.  Think about what that should mean in the way we live.  If God loved you and me enough to die for us, shouldn’t we strive to live as Jesus taught us to live?  Shouldn’t we try to live up to the worth God places on us?

Perhaps, we should answer the question, “What are you worth?” by saying, “I am worth the difference I can make in God’s kingdom.”

Go be that difference today!

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