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Watching for Jesus

Watch with anticipation – that is the topic for this week’s Advent service at our church.  Just as the people we read about in the Old Testament looked for a messiah, we too look for him. We desperately need guidance.  We need forgiveness and the peace that it brings.  We need  redemption – the redeeming of the shambles of our lives back into the lives God intends.  We need salvation – to be saved from our plight and even from ourselves.  We need, in a word, Jesus.

So we look – we watch.  And the key to watching is being alert and paying attention.

Have you seen Jesus today?  Have you been looking?

Jesus, God’s very sone, came as an infant over 2000 years ago.  He lived to teach us how to live.  He loved, showing us how to love and then he made the ultimate sacrifice and died for us.

Scripture teaches that he couldn’t be bound by death and he came back to life in order to offer us a life that can’t be taken away.  It also teaches that at some point, Jesus will return.  So we wait and we watch.

But we must not forget that Jesus is alive.  He is at work everyday all around us.  So not only do we need to be watching for his return, we need to be looking for him on a daily basis at work in and around us.

Jesus is trying to guide your life and give you the life you were intended to have – are you paying attention?

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This past Sunday, we began the Advent season in our church.  This month we will be celebrating the coming of Christmas with the following theme:

Wait with hope . . .

Watch with anticipation . . .

Wonder with amazement . . .

Welcome with excitement . . .

This past Sunday we talked about waiting.  I don’t know about you but I HATE waiting.  I can’t stand it.  It seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done and so when I have to wait on someone else to do what the are supposed to do so that I can my things done . . . well, I just don’t like it!

But during this season, I am reminded that waiting is not always a bad thing.  In fact, what I find is that waiting creates space.  I have been reminded that waiting is the tension between my time and God’s time.  Waiting – this tension – stretches me and reminds me that this life really isn’t about me at all.

So this Christmas Advent season, embrace the wait.  Allow the space that is created by the wait to shape you.  Use this space to consider who you are in relation to God.

Trust me – it will change the way you look at Christmas!

Be blessed!

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A Long Time Coming

Last night I had the opportunity to not only watch but also participate in something that has been a dream of a couple of people for six years.

It was refreshing to hear their story again and see all the people that gathered to celebrate with them.  Refreshing because two people are following through on a dream – a calling.

Six years ago, Mike and Arlene committed to one another and to God that they would be available to go to Costa Rica as missionaries.  They began to pray and recruit others to pray.

They did all the right things to get organized and ready for their journey.  Then the difficult task began of raising their support.  And for the last several years, that has been their day to day endeavor.

Last night, as their home church, we commissioned them to go and now tomorrow, they will board a plane for Costa Rica to begin a two year mission there.

God is faithful!  At times I am sure it didn’t seem like it would ever happen – but God’s timing is not always our timing.

Mike and Arlene – go with God and take God’s message to those who need to hear it!

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