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Never Alone

Sometimes we need to remember that we are not alone.  We get so pulled into and dragged down by the things of this life that we can’t see the bigger picture.  We have all heard the old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”  This wise saying may mean more to us here in west Texas than it does in other parts of the world that actually have trees and forests.

Out here they say “if your dog runs away, you can still see him running three days later.”  So when we see a  tree we see it’s surroundings.  But in the midst of a group of trees, it is hard to tell just what you are look at.

The same is true with our daily lives.  We often get so close to our responsibilities – our struggles – that we fail to see the bigger picture.  The result is often a feeling of abandon.  We don’t think anyone could possibly understand the pressure we are under or the responsibilities that we carry.

But the reality is that we are not alone.  As believers, we have our heavenly guide.  We have a savior that has been there and done that – without sin.  And beyond that, we have what the writer of Hebrews calls a “great cloud of witnesses” cheering us on.  Our family and friends who have passed this way before.

So, in the midst of getting this week started, with all its many tasks and overwhelming pressure, remember that you are never alone.

Now go to it and be a blessing today!

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