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Last week we had high school students at camp.  Yesterday morning we were blessed to hear the students share about their experience in the morning service.  As I listened, I was moved by what God had done the previous week.

I was moved and reminded.  Reminded of my days at camp when I was their age.  Reminded of my own longing to experience God face to face.  Reminded of the importance of helping others experience God in that way.

We call it the “camp high.”  I have grown to dislike that term.  It creates an expectation.  An expectation that when we get away and set aside time we will always come away with a renewed resolve to live more passionately for God.  But even worse, it creates the expectation that the only way to renew our passion for God is by spending a week in a remote area with other believers.

First, let me say that when we do set aside the time and remove ourselves from our daily routines and focus specifically on our relationship with God, God will honor that effort – it may not look exactly as we expect, but God will honor that effort.

Second, we need not think that we must take a week off from our routine and get away as the only way to reconnect with God.  We can do it today.  You can do it right now.  All it takes is a humble heart willing to submit to God’s leadership and love.  God is present with us at all times, we need only pray that God will open our eyes to that presence.

My prayer is that each of us would sense God’s presence today and rekindle that passion to live in The Way like never before.

Be blessed today!

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