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Have you ever noticed that when the family of God comes together there is joy? Maybe you don’t see it every time, but as a general rule, when the family gathers there should be visible joy.

Last week I began a new adventure. For many years I have wanted to teach at the university level. Beginning this semester, I have the privilege to do just that. I am teaching a junior level class for Hardin-Simmons University’s extension here in Corpus Christi. The class I am teaching is titled Ministry Formations. We will cover topics pertinent to those considering and searching for God’s leadership into vocational ministry.
The first two class periods have been spent considering God’s calling and discerning that call. I have developed the class to consist primarily of class participation through discussion and activities. We only meet one time per week, so being a 3 hour class, we meet for 3 hours each time we are together. That is a long time to be together in one sitting so I give a brief break in the middle of the class time.  

This past class, one of the students made the comment during the break, “That was the most enjoyable first half of any class I have ever attended.” What he was getting at was the brisk discussion that had made up the first half of the class and the attitude of in which it was approached. While we had good discussion, what I sensed in the class was a group of Jesus followers who came together intentionally to discuss and learn from one another how God interacts in each of our lives. There was joy in the room.

When God’s children come together, we should experience joy. That is church – a gathering of like-minded believer’s coming together to grow in our understanding of what it means to be God’s child and learning, together, to love him and each other more deeply.

I pray you have a faith community where you experience joy.

Live into that joy.

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