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The Weight of Words

I am back in the realm of my normal schedule today, but for the past two days I have spent time with God on a retreat titled Longing For His Presence.  On this retreat, the attendee is given the opportunity to practice a handful of Christian practices or Spiritual Disciplines.  It has been a while since I spent concentrated time not doing strategic planning or sermon preparation but specifically on focusing intently on God.

One of the disciplines I practiced on the retreat was silence.  From 8:00 pm on Monday night until 1:00 pm on Tuesday I practiced silence.  Granted, at least 6 hours of that I was asleep, but it was still a lengthy time to keep quiet.  When you think about it, a large part of my calling involves speaking.  So for me to commit not to talk takes a little effort.

But really, the time alone was not difficult.  When I noticed the strain was at breakfast, sitting across the table from the brothers and not saying anything.

I am still working through the impact of this experience, so I am sure there will be other insights that will come as I reflect on this in the days to come.  But one overwhelming thought came over me yesterday as I sat in silence in the presence of others – the weight of words.  I was overwhelmed with the realization that we were created for relationship – to relate to God and to others.  Without words, developing those relationships would be very difficult.  Words are not the only way we develop bonds but they certainly help.

Our words have the ability to bring encouragement or hurt.  Our words can offer healing or they can offer division.

I think also of how words are wasted.  We spout off things with little thought to their impact.

Sometimes withholding words is powerful – sometimes using words to express ourselves can be powerful.


Words carry weight.

How will you use your words today to offer life?

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