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Last night I got home from work and knowing it would be my only evening at home this week, I decided to mow the lawn.  As I wrapped up the work in the lawn, Kristi got a text that one of our church members was headed to the hospital with a possible heart attack.

As gross as it sounds, I didn’t even take time to shower.  I changed my clothes and headed to the hospital.  I had sent a text to the wife of the church member before leaving the house to find out where he was being taken and so I jumped in the car and headed out.

I got to the hospital and went straight to the ER.  I didn’t see anyone I knew anywhere and no one could tell me anything.  I walked back to the waiting room – no one.  I then walked to the other end of the hospital to another waiting room – not there either.

At that point, I pulled my phone out and re-read the text message . . . I was at the wrong hospital!

In my haste to get to the hospital, knowing that the issue was a possible heart attack, my mind jumped to the conclusion he was headed to the Heart Hospital so even though she had given me the name of the hospital, my pre-conceived idea of what was happening overshadowed it.

How often to do we approach God and God’s word with pre-conceived ideas – or even worse, personal agendas?  Do we ever go to God with our own expectations not really interested in HEARING what God might want to say to us?  Refuse to Listen

Today, I challenge each of us to go to God with a humble heart and a listening ear.  God is present and active in our lives and he has a plan for you for this day.  Will you listen to what he has to say?

By the way, I did get to the right hospital (across town) – but think about the time I would have saved and the frustration I could have avoided had I just listened.

Be blessed today!

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A New Kingdom

I was reminded this morning while reading from the Gospel of John, that Jesus came to usher in a new kingdom.  When he was questioned by Pilot during the mock trial he received, his response was that his kingdom is not of this world.

As I have thought about those words, I have reflected on the fact that what Jesus came to do was so revolutionary – so counter-intuitive that it could only be described as something not of this world.

This world would teach us that success is the ultimate goal and success only comes to those who work for it.  And by “work for it” this world would acknowledge that obtaining success by any means necessary is acceptable – even applauded.  The only rule that one must follow is “there are no rules.”

So people are celebrated when they achieve “success,” regardless of how it was achieved.

Jesus, on the other hand, taught that what is truly important in this life is pleasing the father.  What sets an individual apart and makes them stand out is not fighting to get ahead but rather, putting others needs before his or her own.  Jesus illustrated a different kingdom.

He calls us tsurrendero live in this kingdom – to take on this counter-cultural, counter-intuitive lifestyle.  We are to love our enemies.  We are to put others first.  We are to surrender our lives to him.

We spend our lives striving for meaning and fulfillment, peace and happiness.  But my experience has taught me that these things can only be found by following Jesus’ teaching and living in his kingdom.

Live into that meaning and peace today!

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