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We are quickly approaching the holidays.  In fact, last night as I left the church to head home, I noticed a Christmas tree standing in the window of a house down the street from the church.  We are exactly one week past Halloween and already a Christmas tree!

I love Christmas as much as the next person, but let us not jump past Thanksgiving!  And not just because of all the great food and time with family.  This is one holiday during the year that we are encouraged to stop and count our blessings.  But is one day enough for us to do this issue justice?  I don’t think it is.  I think we need to make having gratitude more of a lifestyle.

To start us off, I have called our church into a month of giving thanks.  Yesterday, we talked about stopping and counting our blessings.  I asked the question, “What three things would you miss the most if they were taken away tomorrow?”

I ask you the same question today.  I encourage you to take some time today to think about that question.  Let it resonate in your mind and heart.  Once you have an answer to the question, spend a few minutes thanking and praising God for these blessings!

Be blessed today!

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Beautiful Things

As I drove to work yesterday, I followed my typical route and routine.  I listened to my devotional podcast and reflected on the scripture that was read.  As I reflected on the topic of the day, I began to see myself as I truly am in light of God – not usually a pleasant exercise.  I saw myself as a selfish person, bent on pleasing my own desires.  I began to pray for God to make me more holy and more like Jesus – to make me a useful vessel for Kingdom service.

I wrestled with that all day yesterday.

This morning, as I made my commute, I followed the same routine.  Then, after my devotion time, I switched over to listening to Gungor (a fairly new Christian group).   The title of the song that caught my attention as I listened was Beautiful Things.  As I listened to the lyrics, God used the chorus to speak to my soul.  The lyrics of the chorus say, “You makes beautiful things, you makes beautiful things out of dust.  You makes beautiful things, you makes beautiful things out of us.”

This truth washed over me and I remembered the feelings of yesterday.  I was reminded that even in the midst of being a sinful person, God can make something beautiful out of me.

Let me encourage you today – – no matter what you are going through or how bad you may think you are, God has the power to make something beautiful out of you.

Be blessed today!

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My Son the Poet

Some days, being a father is hard work.  Some days – it’s not fun.  You know those days – one child has to be at practice at the same time one of the others has to have a parent at the school for a meeting.  Then in the midst of all that, one of the kids has a melt-down or some bad decision they have made comes to light.

Some days it seems more than I signed up for.

BUT . . .

Then there are those days when they do something amazing and you forget all those other days.  Have you ever had that experience?

My boys are pretty amazing as it is, and those days of not wanting to be their dad are few and far between.

Yesterday, was one of those amazing days.  I was on the way to run an errand when I received a text from my middle son.  All the text said was, “I left something for you in your backpack . . .”  I could not wait to get back to the office and check the backpack for what he left.

One of his current assignments in English was to write a poem.  The poem he wrote:  My Dad.

Now understand, this is a 17 year old young man who doesn’t talk much – even to those close to him.  But here I sat, reading a poem he had written revealing how he feels about me.  I don’t mind telling you, it took a couple of hours for the carpet near my desk to dry from the tears I shed as I read and reread his poem.

Yep, some days make this whole parenting thing worth it all!

Go home and hug your kid today.

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