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I am so glad no one told my Bougainvillea that we are in the midst of a pandemic not only of COVID-19 but also of fear.  As I sit here, still on my back patio and gaze at its brilliance, I can’t help but think this is the time faith needs to show through with the brilliance of nature.  This plant does not realize the frenzy of the world swirling outside this backyard.  All it knows is that God created it to produce beauty and regardless of my lack of a green thumb, it is doing just that – brightening the world with God-given beauty.

BougainvilleaGod created us to do the same.  He did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.  What the world needs to see right now is a faith that is anchored in the giver of life.  The world needs to see that the faith we talk about casually in the good times makes the most difference in the difficult times.  The world needs to see that this hope we have in Jesus makes a difference in the way we live – even in the midst of a storm.

This storm will pass.  IT WILL PASS!  But what will we do in the midst of the storm that will point others to the source of our hope?   The world needs Jesus – it always has and always will.  Could it be that you could be the agent of hope that would point someone you know to Jesus?

Be an agent of God’s hope not the world’s fear.

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