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What does the Spirit of God look like? The Spirit has been described as wind and as fire. There is the accepted idea that the Spirit can’t be seen but just as we can see trees move and know the wind is affecting the change, so I believe we can see the Spirit’s moving and affecting change.

Yesterday in worship I witnessed the Spirit of God moving. I watched as a man with arms decorated with artwork made his way to the front of the church to share with our family that he wanted to be part of our community. I then watched as our family lined up to pass by him and hug his neck. The Spirit was busy.

And then later on in the day, I watched as I presented an idea to our church family for making a significant change to the way we do things. I was not nervous but I was cautious in presenting the idea because of the nature of this change. But I heard one after another endorsing the idea. The Spirit was moving each person present out of their comfort zones.

So what does the Spirit of God look like? I can’t say. But I can say that the affect of the Spirit’s movement is changed lives.

Let the Spirit move in you today!

Be blessed.

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Today, my commute to the office was accompanied by a gentle, refreshing rain.  I could see through the streaks of rain running across my windshield how the ground was welcoming the moisture by changing colors – from it’s normal reddish sandy color to a deeper, richer brown.  Our land has been so dry for so long – it is a refreshing sight to see God’s blessing falling all around us.

As I have continued to reflect on God’s blessing, I am reminded that God showers blessings on us on a daily basis.  But how receptive are we of those blessings?  Or are we even aware of how God is at work all around us?

As we open our hearts to receive God’s blessings, we should begin to take on a different appearance.  Just as the soil welcomes moisture and is changed, our countenance should become deeper and richer.  Our faces should reflect God’s joy.  Our words should carry comfort.  Our actions should reveal compassion.

God is constantly blessing us.

How receptive will you be today?

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Love and Light

Have you ever thought about what our world would look like if all the churches in it were focused on being God’s love and light?  At the risk of being labeled judgmental regarding the church, I have to wonder if all the churches on the planet are really being the church God ordained.  If they are, then why does our world look the way it does?  And understand, I am not looking past our walls and pointing the finger at all the other churches in the world.  The church in which I serve could do better as well.

God called us to be known by love and to be children of light.  Our world is suffocating – sin, corruption and evil are choking the life out of our culture and the love of God is the only hope of resuscitation.  People are groping around in darkness thinking this is as good as it gets when all along, we have the true light that illuminates life and offers direction.

When will the church wake up, rise up and live up to her calling?

I say today is the day!  I say it is time!  I say let it start with me!

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