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This morning I was on the first flight out of Corpus Christi on my way to Juarez, Mexico for the blessing of leading a time of refreshment and renewal for pastors and their spouses in that city and surrounding area.  This has become an annual event and one that I look forward to each year.

This ministry has grown to the point of the creation of an organization to manage the efforts.  The organization is called Proyecto Fortaleza (The Strengthening Project), and we exist to minister to pastors and their spouses with particular emphasis on spiritual formation and marriage enrichment.  It is a blessing to serve along side a wonderful team of individuals who each have a heart for those who serve God’s church.

Sunrise at 30,000 Feet

As I flew out this morning, the sky was overcast but as we rose above the blanket of clouds, I could see the horizon out the window and the glow that would soon give way to the beginning of the day.  As I intently watched for the sun, Bible Gateway’s verse of the day was playing like a recording in my mind.  Psalm 19:1-2:

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

It was a breathtaking scene to watch the sun peek through the clouds.  The heavens truly do declare God’s glory.  We just have to take time to look.

I ask for your prayers this week as our team strives to point God’s servants to the glory and provision of our Lord.

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Take It All In

As I sat down to read and reflect this morning, spending time with God, my prayer was that God would speak to me.  While that is very often my prayer, this time was different.  I was sincerely yearning for an indication that God was near.  I know in my head that God never leaves us – he is always with us.  In fact, I preached that very fact yesterday.  But this morning, I really wanted to experience his closeness.

I turned to 1 John 1.  In the opening verses of that chapter, John adamantly proclaims that he is writing his words “to declare” what he has seen, and heard and touched with his hands.  He declares that Jesus, who was from the beginning, came to earth and this Jesus is the one he personally heard, saw and touched.

As I read those words, the question arose in my heart – What do I have to declare?  

I began to gaze out the window at the bay, watching the gentle waves and the moving of the palm fronds as I wrestled with this question.  As I watched, a seagull swooped near my window, flapped around in my view for a minute and was off.  God impressed on me in that moment that he is always with me.  But my view is often limited just as my view out my window is limited.  Just because I may not see him does not mean he is not there.

His word to me was, I am always with you – and on those chance moments when you see me, take it all in!

I then began to reflect on all the moments where I have seen God at work recently.  There is an old rabbinic tradition that calls these God moments kisses from the King.  As I reflected on the kisses from the King I have received lately, my heart turned to praise.  I do have something to declare!  I have seen God working and heard him speaking in my life.  He makes himself known to me in even the smallest of ways – like a seagull swooping into my limited view.

Pay attention to the kisses from the King!

Take it all in!

Be blessed this day!

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