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We Remember

We remember.

We stand at the foot of the cross, or kneel.

The draw of the exuberance of the empty tomb pulls at us but your words to your disciples to stay – to remain awake – to stay near compel us to pause.

We remember your words, even as the wafer touches our lips – “This is my body, given for you.”

Lord Jesus, we remember.

Cross in Communion Cup

As the cup is raised to our mouths we look to the cross and we remember.  This is your blood that was spilled out for us.

We remember.

Lord Jesus we remember!

We are not worthy of your sacrifice.  We do not deserve the gift of eternal life you made possible on that cross.  But we do remember.

And we say thank you!

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Pause At the Cross

Here we are in the middle of the holiest of weeks.  I make it a habit each year to remind our church family (and myself) to take time to pause at the cross before moving to the empty tomb.  We set aside Easter Sunday each year to celebrate the resurrection of the savior and we should do just that!

Jesus, over two centuries ago, began a movement that has changed the world.  But his movement has had far more of a crucial impact than on social reform alone.  In fact, the social implications are minor compared to the eternal spiritual difference he has made.  Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death and conquering sin.  Without the resurrection, there would be no hope for us.  We are given the opportunity to live resurrected lives when we choose to die to our own desires – to humble ourselves and submit to Jesus’ leadership.  That is good news and only possible through the resurrection.

Looking Up at Cross

So it is right to celebrate an empty tomb!

But let us not rush past the cross on the way to the empty tomb.  There would have been no empty tomb had there not been a horrific cross.  Jesus paid a debt we could not pay – our debt!

On this Silent Wednesday (silent because scripture does not record any activity of Jesus on this day of that final week), reflect on the cross.  Meditate on the weight of the sin of the world coming to rest at one point in time on one man.

Pause at the cross and remember.

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In one of my readings this morning, I ran across a reminder that should inform and shape each day of our existence here on Earth.  In Luke 10, Jesus sent out 72 of his followers in pairs to prepare the way for him in the towns he would visit.  He gave each of them authority to heal and cast out demons.

When they returned they were exuberant with excitement over being able to cast out demons.  While Jesus rejoiced with them, he cautioned them and reminded them to keep a proper perspective.  He said to them in verse 20, “do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

His words remind us that what happens here on Earth does not matter nearly as much as our eternal destiny.  We can have great “success” here but it will not matter much if our eternity with the Father is not secure.

As I have reflected on this thought I realized that the opposite is also just as important – even when things go terribly wrong here and we experience struggles and tragedy, we need to remember that our eternal destiny far outweighs what we endure here.

We tend to live with blinders on but we need to expand our perspective.

My reflection moved me to write this note to myself and I share it with you in hopes that it can serve as a reminder for you as well:

We must strive to gaze at the eternal panorama and not allow ourselves to stare at the temporal snapshot.

Remember that today!

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Over the past few weeks I have talked with so many people who are carrying such heavy loads – more than normal.  I have been more sensitive in our weekly worship gathering to see hollow looks and stressed-out faces.

The reality of life is that we all pass through moments or days or even seasons of difficulty as we journey along the Way.  It is a mis-conception to think that by giving our lives to Christ and living for him as best we can, we are no longer going to experience struggles.  In fact, most often, the struggles are amplified in some ways because we live in a world in which those of us who strive to honor Jesus with our lives are looked on with condescension or even condemnation.

But I want to encourage you fellow travelers in two ways this morning.

The first is that you are not alone!  You are part of a huge family made up of all kinds of people from all walks of life and all parts of the world that are on the same journey and are experiencing the same struggles you face.  Sometimes it is helpful to know you are not alone.

But even more important to remember today is that no matter how bleak things may seem today . . . Easter is coming!Easter Poster 2018

Jesus walked this Way 2000 years ago and he was treated with condescension and condemnation.  He was pushed to the outskirts of acceptable culture and when he would not go silently into the obscurity, the leaders of his day killed him.

But that was not the end.  He rose from the dead and when he did, he conquered death and defeated sin to show us once and for all that we are more than conquerors when we live our lives for him.  His triumph gives us hope that he is bigger than any temporary struggle we face.

So today, if you are feeling like there is little in your life that offers hope remember that you are not alone and Easter is coming!

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You Are Loved

Monday morning reminder: 

You are loved!

You Are LovedSometimes we need to remember that fact.  God sees you as a soul worth saving – not because of anything you have done but simply because he created you and loves you more than you can ever truly comprehend.

We often allow the circumstances we face or even people in our lives to prevent us from realizing his true love.  We listen when we are told we aren’t of any value or just not quite pretty enough, or smart enough or strong enough.  But those voices are not from God.  He loves – unconditionally.  Before you were born, he felt you would be worth the sacrifice of the life of his own son!

May this day be filled with glimpses of the evidence of his love for you.  You ARE loved!

Prayer for the day:

Father, today, in this moment, shine your light into my life and allow me to see myself as you see me.  Give me the strength and courage to live into the life you see for me today.  Amen.

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