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This week we celebrate a national holiday.  We most likely will have some time away from work or school to gather with family and friends, watch way too much TV, eat way too much food and maybe even get some much needed rest in as well.  It is a great time filled with lots of wonderful things.

As we start this week off today, let me offer three thoughts to keep in mind as we move toward the holiday.  These thoughts come from Psalm 100 verses 4 and 5.  This is what it says:

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

The three points that should bring us to gratitude in these verses describe God and God’s character.

  1.  God is good.  There is nothing in God that is not good.  God is perfect in every way – wholly other and holy.  We can rest in this fact and know that God, and only God, is worthy of our devotion and trust.
  2. God’s love never fails.  We can count on the fact that God’s love lasts forever.  In our world, the definition and understanding of love is very fluid.  We can say we love turkey and dressing and turn to the family member that made it and tell them we love them too.  But God’s love is different – it does not change and is not dependent on anything from us.
  3. God is faithful.  God’s consistency is time proven.  We can stake our lives on the fact that God does not change.  God loves us and has our best interests in mind and heart.  Even in the midst of what would seem impossible circumstances, God is in control – God is faithful.

So if you are having a little trouble finding anything for which to be thankful this year, just consider the fact that the good Father loves you and his faithfulness has been proven over and over again.

Be thankful!

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Be Thankful

We are a week away from a day we set aside to be thankful.  Our homes will be filled with the sounds and smells of the holiday.  Our hearts will turn toward those people and things we count as blessings and we will, in that moment be grateful.

How about we start early.  How about taking some time – just 3 minutes -right now to reflect on your top 3 blessings.  Ask yourself, “what 3 people or things would I miss the most if they were gone tomorrow?”

Then spend some time giving thanks to God for those blessings.

It is good to set a day aside to be thankful.  But why not be thankful every day.  When I take the time to think about how God has blessed me, I am reminded that there is something bigger than my problems going on here.  I am truly loved by a holy God who loves me and wants his best for me.

Be thankful today!

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Identity In a Relationship

The last two Sunday’s we have sung a particular song in one of our worship services that continues to remind me of a fundamental truth in life – not just my life but in life in general.  This truth speaks to our identity.

For many, if not all of us, our lives are spent and centered around getting ahead – making a name for ourselves, obtaining more and more stuff, living the American dream with a house, a car and 2 1/2 kids.  The quest for this “happy life” becomes the drive that consumes us and, in fact, can become our identity.  We become the successful person, the person who needs nothing and no one, the person who has it all.  But at some point, it all seems hollow.  At some point, we realize that the “happy life” we have sought is just a vapor – an illusive ideal that doesn’t really exist – at least not in the way we had imagined it.

The realization of our futile pursuits leaves us empty – empty because we come face to face with the fact that our identity is empty and hollow.  We build our lives around pursuing a dream that does not exist and when the weight of this truth hits us, we feel alone and lost.

That is why the song we have sung the past two Sunday’s has been such a strong reminder.  The message of the song is so simple and yet profound.  It’s a Chris Tomlin song written by Pat Barrett and Anthony Brown entitled, Good Good Father.  The chorus of the song says,

Your a good, good Father

That’s who you are, who you are, who you are

And I’m loved by you

That’s who I am, who I am, who I am

This profound truth should define us.  We need nothing else.  Our lives are then built on this foundation that we are loved by God.  The only pursuit in life that brings any meaning and fulfillment is the pursuit of a relationship with God.

We need know nothing else but that we are loved by God.

Be blessed today!

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