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The Fulfilled Life

Yesterday, my sermon was built around the idea of passion – specifically the passion to follow Jesus and serve him with our all.  The apostle Paul encouraged each of us in his letter to the Colossian believers to serve Jesus with everything we have – our whole heart.

I was reminded after our first service that the heart was considered, by the Hebrew mindset, as the essence of a person’s being.  When we think of our hearts we should think of the inner-most parts of our being – the seat of our emotions and consciousness.

As we live our lives in worship to Jesus from the very depths of our being – with our hearts – we should do so with the clear understanding that the greatest joy we will experience in this life is the giving of ourselves to our fullest ability to his purposes for our lives.

God created you on purpose for his purpose.  You are no mistake.  One of his greatest desires is for you to experience fulfillment.  This comes through a vibrant relationship with him in which you are all-in, whole-heartedly committed to living your life for him.

You can do this!

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Last night, we went to dinner at a local restaurant.  Our time was blessed by great food and simply being together.  On our way out of the restaurant and to our car in the parking lot, something caught my eye.  As we made our way to our car, we had to walk through a line of other cars.  As I passed by a truck, I noticed something odd hanging from the rearview mirror inside the vehicle.

Tree Air FreshenerIt was an air freshener shaped like a pine tree.  You may be thinking – “where have you been, those things have been around for years!”

It wasn’t the presence of an air freshener shaped like a tree, hanging from the rearview mirror that grabbed my attention.  It was the fact that it was still wrapped in it’s cellophane wrapper!

My first thought was “there is an illustration here.”  The thought that followed immediately on the heels of that thought was, “I need a picture of that!”  However, common sense kicked in and the thought of being arrested for messing around with another person’s vehicle outweighed my desire for photographic evidence.

As I have considered the scene, my mind has continued to ponder the comedy of an air freshener, hanging where often they are seen hanging, yet with no ability to do what it was created to do.

I think this might just be a testimony.  Actually, I believe it is the story of each of our lives from time to time.

God created us with specific gifts and skills and talents.  He has filled us with passion for specific things.  Each of us is completely, and utterly unique – – just like everyone else!

He did this with specific dreams in mind – very real possibilities for each of us to experience a fulfilled life – the life he intended for us from the beginning.

But so often, we never take off the wrapper.  We live our lives going through the motions and possibly looking like we have it all together and that we are where we need to be, but just like that air freshener, we are not using our gifts and talents for their intended purpose – to glorify the king!

Today, I challenge you to remove the wrapper and live into the life God created you to live!

Be a blessing today!


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