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The last several weeks have been scattered and chaotic.  I am fully aware of the fact that when life gets the craziest, our time with the Father each day becomes even more crucial.  But I am also a Type A, list making “To Doer.”  Often for me, the greatest struggle I have is slowing down, putting the list aside and just resting in God.

But this morning, I did my best to take some time to sit still.  When I did, God reminded me that even though I struggle to focus on Him, He is always there.  He encourages me to breathe – to simply be still, rest and breathe.

Sit still today and know that He is God!

God’s presence is never in question – our attentiveness is always the problem.

Be still – – – breathe!

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God Is Faithful

I sat and watched the sun come up over Santo Domingo on Monday morning. It was inspiring to watch the clouds and sky change colors as they reflected the coming sun – even before it was visible above the horizon. This was our team’s last day in the Dominican Republic. It had been a great week (but challenging for me). Monday was the first day I had been able to be up in time to see the sunrise. I was sick all week – not bedridden completely but fever, aches and all the other friends of such ailments.

I was able to lead a pastor’s conference on Saturday and preach at Iglesia Bautista Quisqueyana Sunday. But on Friday, I was having serious doubts that I would be able to lead the conference on Saturday and had put others on alert that preaching at the service on Sunday might not be possible.

But God is faithful. The conference went extremely well on Saturday as did the service on Sunday. And then something interesting happened. At 2:30 am Monday morning, I woke to soaked sheets and a wet pillow. My body was covered in sweat. My fever had finally relented!

But not until God had proven his faithfulness!

He was my strength all week. He was my rock that helped me stand. He was the one getting me through the construction, the heat – all of it!

Whatever struggle or obstacle you face this week, take heart! God may not remove it BUT he is faithful to help you through it, over it or around it!

Be blessed!

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