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Life Is Good

One of the most popular brands these days is LG.  You find the brand name on televisions, sound equipment and appliances.  Many may not realize that the letters LG stand for Life Is Good.  The brand name speaks to their mission to make life better – to help us see that life is, indeed, good.

Life Is GoodWe often forget that fact, do we not.  It is only a few steps from the top of the world to the lowest valley.  Life is good but it can become a grind if we are not careful.  Without proper perspective, the busyness of life becomes one big obligation and instead of living in the realization of the joy life can bring, we see only responsibilities and feel only pressure.

I have found, over the course of my journey, that the pressures of life are the most stifling when I let the tasks of my day take precedence over my time with the creator.  Something we need to foster within our hearts is a desperate longing for God’s presence.  When we yearn to be present with God we make time to make ourselves available.  As believers, when we are available to God we realize God is always with us.  And if God is with us, what on earth can overcome us?

At the most base level, what we need is love.  If we love God, we will make time to be with him.  And as we spend time with him, we realize that our capacity to love God is monumentally insufficient.  With that realization, our desire should become to learn to love him more.  It is in loving God that we live in the reality that life is good.  It is good because God offers it as a gift.  It is good because God is good!

So here is a simple prayer for us this day:

Holy, and loving Father.  I do love you.  At least I think I do.  At least I try.  Please help me to love you more.  Amen and amen!

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There is something special – even sacred – about our relationships with fellow believers.

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with some wonderful people this morning – one of which has been a friend for 15 years.  His kids call me Uncle Brian even though there is no familial relationship.  It’s that kind of relationship!  He is like a brother to me in many ways.  He is in town for the day for work and he carved out some time to get together this morning.Having Coffee

One of the things that I noticed as we talked and caught each other up on family news was that it was as if we picked up where we left off the last time we spoke.  There is something powerful about a relationship with another when hearts are aligned.  There is a sacred bond between people of faith.

As I have reflected on our time together, I have had two parallel thoughts.  One is that I am so thankful for my friendship with Lew – he is a blessing in my life.  The other is a conviction that I should see all the relationships to which God draws me as being just as sacred.

We are wired for relationships – that is God’s design.

What relationships do you see in your life today that you would count as sacred?  Do those people know how you feel?

Let them know they matter!

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Unclutter Your Space

Today marks the beginning of Lent.  This is a season on the church calendar but not traditionally a part of the Baptist tradition.  While we are not offering ashes here today, we are placing emphasis on Lent within our church family this year (as we have in previous years).  This past Sunday we began a series on Sunday mornings that will run up to Palm Sunday called Uncluttering Your Space.

We have a tendency to fill space.  If we move from a 2 bedroom home to a 3, the first thing we think we must do is – – fill that space.  We do the same with our schedules.  If we have a day on the calendar that has some extra space, we strive to fill it.  We have bought into the lie that busyness is productivity and that doing things – anything – is better than doing nothing.

The problem is that the things we fill our space with can distract us from what is truly important.  In fact, we have a tendency to grow attached to things – even those things that begin as simple distractions.  As we add more and more to our space, we gain a false sense of worth or importance.  And we begin to grow attached to those things with which we have cluttered our space because of the feelings they often generate.

But with attachment, those things move from being distractions to becoming obstacles.  Even worse, some of the clutter may even take the place of what we truly need – a relationship with the Creator.

Lent is about reflection.  Lent is about having the courage to set things aside that clutter our lives and prevent us from the relationship God wants and we desperately need.

This Lenten season, I challenge you to unclutter your space.  What are those things in your life that you have grown attached to that may prevent you from having space for God?


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