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Consistently Faithful

Have you ever had that feeling that your prayers are not getting past the ceiling?

This morning, I was up early so I decided to head to one of my favorite coffee spots where the coffee is great and the setting is conducive for reflection.  One of my goals for my time there was to develop some thoughts for today’s post.  I flipped open my laptop and began the process of logging into their system in order to access Clay In The Hands.  I found the correct hotspot and signed in with the posted password.  Seconds later – success – I was connected to the router.  I then opened my browser and . . . nothing.  There was no connection between the router and the internet provider.  It made absolutely no difference that I was connected to the router – I would get no where without that connection.

So I decided to spend my time in prayer and reading.

As I prayed and read I reflected on our Bible study time last night and the importance of submitting to God in prayer.  As I sat there, frustrated by a lack of connection to cyber space, I began to relate that frustration to dry periods in my prayer life.  Not always does my prayer time seem fruitful.  Not every time that I pause to pray do I feel that my connection with the creator is running at full capacity.  Sometimes I feel my prayers don’t get past the ceiling.

As I prayed and stayed with this thought of disrupted connection, I was reminded that the primary point of prayer is not my emotional satisfaction – a sense that I have been heard and now things are going to be different or better somehow.  The primary point of prayer is an act of submission to God and a willingness to be shaped by the will of The Other.  When I remember that fact, the frustration of feeling disconnected fades into the background and what moves to the forefront of my focus is consistent faithfulness.

When it comes to prayer, I should be more concerned about being consistently faithful to set aside time with God and then simply trust that God will acknowledge my faithfulness in his time and in his way.

So today, be encouraged.  Whether you feel your prayers are being heard or not, trust that God hears and remain consistently faithful.

Our crucial role in spiritual progression is to remain consistently faithful – God will do the rest.

Be blessed!

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The last few months have been a blur – as you can most likely guess as there have been no offerings here.  It isn’t that God has not been at work in my life – quite the opposite.  But with all the transition in the life of my family, my mind hasn’t always been focused on hearing from God.

Since August, our oldest son has graduated from college, our youngest has moved off to college, we sold a house of 13 years and bought a new house in our new home.  We packed up all our stuff and moved it 550 miles to figure out that we have too much stuff.  And my wife has now joined me here in Corpus Christi, leaving her job for this new adventure.

To say that our family has been in transition is really an understatement.  And through this experience, I must admit, my focus has not always been on hearing from God.

This past Sunday, I shared what I believe to be one of the most grievous sins we as followers in The Way commit, and most likely do so daily.  We as Jesus followers live in the very presence of God and yet do so with no regard.  Not only is God at work around us each and every day, but God’s spirit actually lives within us – each second of each day – and yet we live our lives with no regard to The Other right here in the midst of our lives – oblivious to God’s presence.

Each of us does it.  It doesn’t matter if our lives are filled with flurry or it is just business as usual.  So often we fail to pause and notice God around us or even God within us.

Today I encourage you to slow down and think about the fact that God loves you and wants a relationship with you.  You are important to the creator.  Spend some time with him today.

Be blessed!

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