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Ever had one of those days that turns into 3?

Monday morning, my week was turned upside down.  I got a call from the gas company telling me that they had replaced our gas meter at our house.  Now that is not a bad thing,  But then he said, “we have detected a leak in your gas line and we think it is between the meter and the house – underground.”

He turned off our gas and told me when I got the line replaced they could turn it back on.

Now that sounds simple enough, but what it entailed for us was talking with the city, getting a permit and then spending Monday night, all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday digging a ditch 15 inches deep 55 feet long – under 3 sidewalks and 5 water sprinkler lines.

Of course, this is the week that we have Vacation Bible School, we have a new office manager starting and it is the hottest week we have had all summer.  But other than that, the timing could not have been better!

So my week has not gone as I had planned it.  But, as I stood and watched and listened to the kids sing at Vacation Bible School last night, it was as if God said, “Your schedule interruptions didn’t stop me from loving these kids.”

They were full of life and having fun and learning a little about God in the process.  While my world seemed to crater all week, God was still at work.

Now I realize, that statement seems a bit narcissistic and self-centered.  Of course God is at work regardless of what I am experiencing.  But it was completely refreshing for me to be reminded of that fact.

So no matter what you are experiencing today, God is at work all around you – and even in you.  Stop for a minute today and look.

Be blessed today!

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