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Fresh Starts

Today is the first day of public school here in our town.  As I dropped my 8th grade son off at the middle school, it dawned on me that he is now in the top grade of the school.  This is a new experience for him.  It is the same school as last year but now, because of his age he is in a new place.  In some ways, it is a new beginning.  Really, all the students have a fresh start today – an opportunity to do things differently this year – to try harder – to make an impact.

The beginning  of the school year, in some ways, brings a fresh start for parents as well.  Our schedule has changed –  again!  But it is our opportunity to approach our kids and parenting with a fresh perspective.  What can you do this year to make your child more successful.  What can you do differently to impact your child’s relationship with Jesus.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend the next 9 months focused on your own relationship with Jesus.  Then allow that vibrant relationship to impact your relationship with your children with the intent of seeing their relationship with Jesus flourish.

We can do this!

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I don’t make a habit of sending you to another site very often, but I read this post yesterday from my friend Trey Morgan – and you need to read it.  Please take the time to link to it here and read through it today.

Having had my eldest graduate high school recently, I have been analyzing my deficiencies as a dad – and they are many.

Parenting is hard work – it is so easy to slack off and let the raising happen rather than doing the raising.

Don’t let that happen – be an active part of the lives of your kids, and don’t be afraid to be a parent!

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This past week was extremely busy for me.  Normally, I have an evening or two at home with the family but this past week it didn’t happen.  Then the weekend was crazy with things going on at church as well.  Consequently, I spent no time with my family the entire week.  I have to tell you, as I drove to the office today and thought about the week ahead, I was convicted.  I have all these important things on my calendar for this week and, again this week, my family isn’t on the list.

So my challenge today is to look for ways to adjust and put in some quality time with my family.  God has called each of us to carry out the plan God has for us.  And in doing that it is very easy to get so busy doing good things that we lose focus on the best things.

Don’t lose sight of the greatest blessing God has given you – your family.  Make time for them today.

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I have been taking my kids to school for about 12 years now.  There are a few insights I have gleaned over the last 12 years and I thought I would share them with you today.

1.  There is no such thing as a routine (it can change daily – just deal with it!)

2.  You cannot get up too early (regardless of when you start your morning – most likely you will still be late)

3.  Normally acceptable drivers leave their brains at home in the mornings (enough said)

4.  Regardless of the understood process, someone is still going to park in the drop off line and leave their car (not sure if they are going into the school for coffee or a teacher conference – but that’s why the school also has a parking lot!)

5.  No matter the age of the child, 6 or 16, there is still a tinge of sobriety that hits me every time they shut the door – they are getting older and it is just a matter of time before they are gone (make the most of every moment!)

These are just a few of the things I have learned – don’t even ask about pick-up in the afternoon!

What are your experiences?

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My Boys Are a Blessing

Sometimes, parenting can be stressful and worrisome.  When I look at the world today it makes me wonder what we were thinking when we decided to have kids and bring them into a place like this.  But then I have a day like yesterday and have to stop and thank God for blessing us the way we have been blessed with three wonderful young men.

My oldest read scripture yesterday in the worship service, and if you know him, you have to stop and say, “Wow, he got up in front of all those people!”  It was really cool to get up and preach after he had read the passage – he did a great job and I am really proud of him.  My middle one, week in and week out, has committed to run the video for our services.  All the slides for the music, etc. are visible because of the work he does during the service.  I am really proud of him as well – that takes real commitment.  Then at the end of the service, during the invitation and prayer time, my youngest came up to me at the front of the church and asked to pray with me about God’s guidance for our family.

I have to tell you – God has truly blessed Kristi and me.  I wish we could take credit for them but in all honesty, God has blessed us with some pretty cool guys!

Thank you Lord – now help us to encourage them to continue and guide us as we try to guide them.

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