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We Do Some Weird Things

Every once in a while, I ponder over things that make me go, “huh?”

We do some weird things in our culture.  Things like:

  1. Say we need to exercise more but fight over the parking spot closest to the front door of the store.
  2. Drive to three different gas stations comparing prices in order to save $.01 cent per gallon on gas (saving an average of $.15 cents) but burn $.20 cents worth of gas finding the cheapest price.
  3. Move to the desert and then pray for rain.
  4. Eat more food in one meal than many around the world eat in two days and then blame the fast food industry for our own obesity.
  5. Pray for God to make us stronger Christ followers but fail to put in the time in Bible reading and prayer to actually grow.

These are just a few of the things that cause me to ponder.

What are some things that make you go “huh?”


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Several days ago I received a courtesy letter from my eye doctor telling me it was time for my annual check-up.  Yesterday morning I decided I would attack my To Do list and get some quick “wins” by being able to check something off.  So I called the eye doctor to schedule an appointment – thinking it would surely be sometime late next week before I could actually get in.  Nope – they had an appointment for yesterday at 2:45.  I was already on the phone and committed so I took it.

I got there and filled out the usual paperwork and then was politely ushered back for the routine puff of air to the eye (Wow!  That’s fun!) and then on into an exam room.  The doctor came in and everything went like clockwork.  I even made it through all the:  “Better one . . . or two?  Three . . . or four,” routine pretty much unscathed.  But then came the dreaded question:  “When is the last time you had your eyes dilated?”  I tried to tell her it hadn’t been that long, but alas, she had my chart and could see it had been a number of years.  I had no excuse.  So five minutes later, there I sat with the eye drops in, waiting for my pupils to get to the size of frisbees.

Everything checked out fine, but the walk back to the office was excruciating.  I never noticed the sun being that bright!  Back in my office, I turned on a lamp and turned off the overhead lights and even the computer screen was too bright.  Couple that with the fact that I couldn’t focus my eyes and it made the rest of the afternoon a bit challenging.

Believe it or not, I have a reason for telling you this story.  Turns out that the reason one should allow an optometrist to dilate one’s eyes is to allow them to check the eyes for problems.  By forcing the pupil to dilate, the doctor is able to see what is really going on inside the eye.  The point is to determine how best to maintain good vision for the patient.

As I thought about it, I was reminded of a comment made in a book I am reading called, The Leadership Challenge.  One of the fundamental keys to good leadership is clarity.  As a leader, you must be clear about what needs to be done.  Part of that clarity is found by asking yourself the question, “What grabs me?”  Or another way of asking it is, “What fuels my passion?”  The answer to these questions can only be found when you look inside yourself and really think about what is going on inside you – the things that drive you and keep you up at night.

So just as the doctor dilated my eyes yesterday to see what was going on inside, I must spend some time looking inside myself and rekindling the spark that fuels my passion.  Only then can I lead from the heart and only then can I lead in a manner worthy of being followed.

Set aside some time to look inside yourself today!

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Commando Shopping

Yesterday, Kristi and I both took a vacation day from work and went shopping to wrap up our Christmas shopping – OK, we went and did ALL our shopping (prior to yesterday, we had not bought a gift)!  It was a great day – being together and getting things done.

But what made the day was our approach to shopping.  I am not a great shopping partner for Kristi.  When you goes shopping, she shops.  She compares, she analyzes, she tries things on.  When I shop, I take a different approach.  I call it Commando Shopping.

Yesterday, because we had to get all the shopping done in one day, we opted for Commando Shopping.  When we got in the car, we had a plan and we stuck to the plan – all day.

Commando shopping can be described best this way – Get in, get out and leave no one behind.

That is what we did!  It was awesome!

Now, if I can just find the time to wrap them . . .

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Routine Christmas

One of my favorite Christian comedians is Tim Hawkins.  I ran across this clip and was reminded of how we often sing words and don’t even think about what we are singing.

This Christmas, don’t let the routine get in the way of the meaning of Christmas.  Stop and think about it.  Remember that Christmas is the celebration of God’s stepping into this world physically in order to illustrate for us how we should live.

Christmas – Immanuel – God with us!

That is what we celebrate.

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Yesterday, as I was driving to Post, I saw a rather comical sight.  I was driving down the highway and saw a “Road Closed” sign for a crossroad.  The sign said, “Route 281 Closed, Find Alternate Route.”  Maybe it’s just me but I chuckled when I saw the sign.  Typically, when a road is closed, a detour is offered.

We have all seen signs like, “Highway 6 Closed, Follow Detour,” or something to that effect – but not in this instance.  If I had needed to turn down that crossroad, I would have been up a creek.  Basically, the message was – “We don’t care how you get where you are trying to go but you aren’t going this way.  You’re on your own!  Good luck.”

Aren’t you glad that on the journey to God, the pathway is clear.  If we ever get off track, all we have to do is remember Jesus’ words:  “I am the way . . . no one comes to the Father except by way of me.”  Jesus never said, “Bummer for you – you are on your own” but rather he made statements like: “Come to me” and “follow me.”

Just remember that life is full of curves and ups and downs, but your path is sure as long as you follow Jesus.

Be blessed today!


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Stretching is Necessary

With the weather being so pleasant over the past two weeks (and partly due to the inspiration of my youngest son) instead of getting my cardio exercise done on a machine in the gym, I have been beginning my workout each time by running outside.  I mapped off a mile and decided I would start with that.  For the last two weeks that has worked well.

Until yesterday.  I was in the home stretch – the last 100 yards, when my right calf began to tighten.  I finished my run but my leg was beginning to really hurt.  I went back into the gym to finish my lifting routine but couldn’t do the leg press station because of the pain in my leg.  I finally gave up and took a shower.  I limped the rest of the day.

Last night, I was giving my son a hard time by blaming him for my pain.  He took it in stride but then asked me, “Did you stretch before you ran?”

I have to admit, I grew up playing sports and we always had to stretch before we did anything.  But yesterday I did very little stretching before setting out for my run.

He is probably right – the pain in my leg may very well be the result of my failure to prepare to run.  Stretching loosens the muscles and warms them up before they are put to use.  Had I stretched,  I might not be limping today.

As I have reflected on my experience, I was reminded that God sometimes stretches us.  And similar to the athlete stretching before activity, God’s stretching is preparing us for what is to come – making us ready to be of use in God’s plan.

So if you are going through a period of “stretching” today, just remember, God just might be preparing you for important service.  Take heart – God is in control.

And – if you see a fat guy limping around today, please have pity, it’s probably me.

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Monday Morning Even on Tuesday

I set my alarm early this morning to get up and have my prayer and reading time and then to write a truly inspired and inspiring blog post for today.

Instead, I turned the alarm off and thought, “I will just lay here and pray.”  Yeah, that didn’t work!  I turned over again and realized, “Now I’m late!”  So I jumped up, ran to make sure my sons were up and getting ready and then got myself ready.

I got ready just in time to begin the rat race that is taking kids to school.

So much for an inspired blog post.  It just goes to show you it can be Monday morning, even on Tuesday!

Hope you have a blessed Mon . . Tuesday!

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